Allium siskiyouense
Common Name: Siskiyou onion
Family: Alliaceae
Element Code: PMLIL02280
Full Name: Allium siskiyouense Traub

2001 John Game
Biology Glossary
  • Lifeform: perennial bulbiferous herb
  • Blooming Period: (Apr)May-Jul
  • Habitat: rocky, sometimes serpentinite.
    • Lower montane coniferous forest
    • Upper montane coniferous forest
Rarity Status Glossary
Occurrence Data from CDFW
California Natural Diversity Database Glossary
  • Total # of Known Element Occurrences:
  • Element Occurrence Ranks:
    A B C D X U
  • Population Status:
    >20 yrs
    <=20 yrs
  • Presence:
    Present Extant Possibly Extirpated Presumed Extirpated
Notes Glossary
Location Glossary
  • Elevation: 855 - 2500 meters
  • California Endemic: no
  • Other States: Oregon
  • California Counties and Islands:   name (code)
    Del Norte (DNT),  Humboldt (HUM),  Siskiyou (SIS),  Tehama (TEH),  Trinity (TRI)
  • Quads:   name (DWR code) USGS code
    Riley Ridge (596B) 3912286,  Dubakella Mtn. (632B) 4012342,  Smoky Creek (632C) 4012332,  Naufus Creek (633A) 4012343,  Forest Glen (633D) 4012333,  Junction City (650A) 4012361,  Sims Mountain (652A) 4012365,  Willow Creek (670B) 4012386,  Grouse Mtn. (670C) 4012376,  Billys Peak (684A) 4112227,  Ycatapom Peak (684D) 4112217,  Salmon Mtn. (686B) 4112324,  Mount Eddy (699C) 4112234,  China Mtn. (700A) 4112245,  Gazelle Mtn. (700B) 4112246,  Scott Mountain (700C) 4112236,  South China Mtn. (700D) 4112235,  Callahan (701D) 4112237,  Fish Lake (704C) 4112336,  Yreka (717B) 4112266,  Duzel Rock (717C) 4112256,  Gazelle (717D) 4112255,  Grider Valley (719B) 4112362,  Marble Mountain (719C) 4112352,  Chimney Rock (721C) 4112356,  Summit Valley (722D) 4112357,  Iron Gate Reservoir (733B) 4112284,  Condrey Mtn. (735B) 4112288,  Dutch Creek (736A) 4112381,  Kangaroo Mtn. (736B) 4112382,  Seiad Valley (736C) 4112372,  Polar Bear Mtn. (738A) 4112385,  Devils Punchbowl (738C) 4112376,  Preston Peak (738D) 4112375
  • Notes:
      Definitions of codes preceding a county and/or quad:
      * Presumed extirpated
      ? Uncertain about distribution or identity
      ?* Uncertain about distribution, but presumed extirpated if once present
      (?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
      Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable. This data should NOT be substituted for pre-project review or for on-site surveys.
Quad data is not available for all List 3 and 4 plants. For those that do contain this data, it has not been quality controlled and is potentially incomplete, inaccurate, and/or out of date. Please use caution when referencing this information. We are currently working hard to maintain this data and hope to provide accurate and up to date information in the near future.
Presumed Extant Presumed Extirpated or Unknown 90
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California Native Plant Society, Rare Plant Program. . Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants of California (online edition, v8-03). Website [accessed ].

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