Diplacus pygmaeus
Common Name: Egg Lake monkeyflower
Family: Phrymaceae
Synonyms: Mimulus pygmaeus
Element Code: PDSCR1B2C0
Full Name: Diplacus pygmaeus (A.L. Grant) G.L. Nesom

2001 Steve Schoenig
Biology Glossary
  • Lifeform: annual herb
  • Blooming Period: May - August
  • Habitat: vernally mesic, streamsides, volcanic, clay.
    • Great Basin scrub
    • Lower montane coniferous forest
    • Meadows and seeps
    • Pinyon and juniper woodland
Rarity Status Glossary
Occurrence Data from DFG
California Natural Diversity Database Glossary
  • Total # of Known Element Occurrences: 33
  • Element Occurrence Ranks:
    A B C D X U
    5 23 2 1 0 2
  • Population Status:
    >20 yrs
    <=20 yrs
    33 0
  • Presence:
    Present Extant Possibly Extirpated Extirpated
    33 0 0
Notes Glossary
  • Rediscovered in 1980. Threatened by grazing, trampling, and hydrological alterations. Lassen NF has adopted species management guidelines. See Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 11(2-3):312 (1925) for original description, Phytoneuron 2012-39:1-60 (2012) for revised nomenclature, and Phytoneuron 2013-66:1-8 (2013) for taxonomic treatment.
  • To submit rare plant observation data, use the CNDDB field survey form. Please see also the CNPS Rare Plant Data page.
  • Date Added: 1974-01-01
  • Last Update: 2016-10-18
Location Glossary
  • Elevation: 500 - 1840 meters
  • California Endemic: no
  • States: California, Oregon
  • California Counties and Islands:   name (code)
    Lassen (LAS),  Modoc (MOD),  Plumas (PLU),  Shasta (SHA),  Siskiyou (SIS)
  • Quads:   name (DWR code) USGS code
    Almanor (606B) 40121B2,  Spalding Tract (641A) 40120F7,  Champs Flat (641B) 40120F8,  Antelope Mtn. (641C) 40120E8,  Harvey Mtn. (642A) 40121F1,  Poison Lake (642B) 40121F2,  Pine Creek Valley (642D) 40121E1,  Swains Hole (643A) 40121F3,  Bullard Lake (659C) 40120G8,  Corders Reservoir (660C) 40121G2,  Straylor Lake (660D) 40121G1,  Jellico (661D) 40121G3,  Jess Valley (674A) 41120B3,  Timbered Crater (678B) 41121B4,  Burney Falls (679C) 41121A6,  Happy Camp Mtn. (694A) 41121D1,  Crank Mountain (694B) 41121D2,  Donica Mtn. (694C) 41121C2,  Whitehorse (695C) 41121C4,  Egg Lake (695D) 41121C3,  Payne Peak (708D) 41120E3,  Knobcone Butte (711D) 41121E1
  • Notes:
      Definitions of codes preceding a county and/or quad:
      * Presumed extirpated
      ? Uncertain about distribution or identity
      ?* Uncertain about distribution, but presumed extirpated if once present
      (?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
      Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable.
Quad data is not available for all List 3 and 4 plants. For those that do contain this data, it has not been quality controlled and is potentially incomplete, inaccurate, and/or out of date. Please use caution when referencing this information. We are currently working hard to maintain this data and hope to provide accurate and up to date information in the near future.
Presumed Extant Presumed Extirpated or Unknown 250
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Suggested Citation
CNPS, Rare Plant Program. . Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants (online edition, v8-02). California Native Plant Society, Sacramento, CA. Website http://www.rareplants.cnps.org [accessed ].

40121B2=Almanor (606B) 40121B2;40120F7=Spalding Tract (641A) 40120F7;40120F8=Champs Flat (641B) 40120F8;40120E8=Antelope Mtn. (641C) 40120E8;40121F1=Harvey Mtn. (642A) 40121F1;40121F2=Poison Lake (642B) 40121F2;40121E1=Pine Creek Valley (642D) 40121E1;40121F3=Swains Hole (643A) 40121F3;40120G8=Bullard Lake (659C) 40120G8;40121G2=Corders Reservoir (660C) 40121G2;40121G1=Straylor Lake (660D) 40121G1;40121G3=Jellico (661D) 40121G3;41120B3=Jess Valley (674A) 41120B3;41121B4=Timbered Crater (678B) 41121B4;41121A6=Burney Falls (679C) 41121A6;41121D1=Happy Camp Mtn. (694A) 41121D1;41121D2=Crank Mountain (694B) 41121D2;41121C2=Donica Mtn. (694C) 41121C2;41121C4=Whitehorse (695C) 41121C4;41121C3=Egg Lake (695D) 41121C3;41120E3=Payne Peak (708D) 41120E3;41121E1=Knobcone Butte (711D) 41121E1