Calycadenia villosa
Common Name: dwarf calycadenia
Family: Asteraceae
Element Code: PDAST1P0B0
Full Name: Calycadenia villosa DC.

2004 Laura Ann Eliassen
Biology Glossary
  • Lifeform: annual herb
  • Blooming Period: May - October
  • Habitat: rocky, fine soils.
    • Chaparral
    • Cismontane woodland
    • Meadows and seeps
    • Valley and foothill grassland
Rarity Status Glossary
Occurrence Data from DFG
California Natural Diversity Database Glossary
  • Total # of Known Element Occurrences: 60
  • Element Occurrence Ranks:
    A B C D X U
    2 38 3 0 1 16
  • Population Status:
    >20 yrs
    <=20 yrs
    10 50
  • Presence:
    Present Extant Possibly Extirpated Extirpated
    59 0 1
Notes Glossary
  • Probably consists of northern and southern unrecognized subspecies. Habitat lost to construction of San Antonio Reservoir; also threatened by urbanization, vehicles, grazing, feral pigs, alteration of fire regimes, road construction, road maintenance, and non-native plants.
  • To submit rare plant observation data, use the CNDDB field survey form. Please see also the CNPS Rare Plant Data page.
  • Date Added: 1994-01-01
  • Last Update: 2010-03-15
Location Glossary
  • Elevation: 240 - 1350 meters
  • California Endemic: yes
  • States: California
  • California Counties and Islands:   name (code)
    Fresno (FRE),  Monterey (MNT),  Santa Barbara (SBA),  San Luis Obispo (SLO)
  • Quads:   name (DWR code) USGS code
    Los Alamos (170A) 34120F3,  La Panza Ranch (244B)* 35120D2,  Camatta Ranch (245A) 35120D3,  Pozo Summit (245D)* 35120C3,  San Luis Obispo (246C)* 35120C6,  Creston (269D) 35120E5,  Adelaida (270A)* 35120F7,  Lime Mountain (270B) 35120F8,  San Simeon (271B)* 35121F2,  Tierra Redonda Mountain (294C)* 35120G8,  Bradley (294D) 35120G7,  Williams Hill (295A) 35121H1,  Jolon (295B) 35121H2,  Burnett Peak (295C) 35121G2,  Bryson (295D) 35121G1,  Alder Peak (296A) 35121H3,  Burro Mountain (296D) 35121G3,  Cosio Knob (318C) 36121A2,  Bear Canyon (319D) 36121A3
  • Notes:
      Definitions of codes preceding a county and/or quad:
      * Presumed extirpated
      ? Uncertain about distribution or identity
      ?* Uncertain about distribution, but presumed extirpated if once present
      (?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
      Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable.
Presumed Extant Presumed Extirpated or Unknown 1602
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Suggested Citation
CNPS, Rare Plant Program. . Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants (online edition, v8-02). California Native Plant Society, Sacramento, CA. Website [accessed ].

34120F3=Los Alamos (170A) 34120F3;35120D2=La Panza Ranch (244B)* 35120D2;35120D3=Camatta Ranch (245A) 35120D3;35120C3=Pozo Summit (245D)* 35120C3;35120C6=San Luis Obispo (246C)* 35120C6;35120E5=Creston (269D) 35120E5;35120F7=Adelaida (270A)* 35120F7;35120F8=Lime Mountain (270B) 35120F8;35121F2=San Simeon (271B)* 35121F2;35120G8=Tierra Redonda Mountain (294C)* 35120G8;35120G7=Bradley (294D) 35120G7;35121H1=Williams Hill (295A) 35121H1;35121H2=Jolon (295B) 35121H2;35121G2=Burnett Peak (295C) 35121G2;35121G1=Bryson (295D) 35121G1;35121H3=Alder Peak (296A) 35121H3;35121G3=Burro Mountain (296D) 35121G3;36121A2=Cosio Knob (318C) 36121A2;36121A3=Bear Canyon (319D) 36121A3