Smilax jamesii
Common Name: English Peak greenbrier
Family: Smilacaceae
Element Code: PMSMI010D0
Full Name: Smilax jamesii G.A. Wallace

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Biology Glossary
  • Lifeform: perennial rhizomatous herb
  • Blooming Period: May-Jul(Aug-Oct)
  • Habitat: Streambanks and lake margins; sometimes mesic depressions.
    • Broadleafed upland forest
    • Lower montane coniferous forest
    • Marshes and swamps
    • North Coast coniferous forest
    • Upper montane coniferous forest
Rarity Status Glossary
Occurrence Data from CDFW
California Natural Diversity Database Glossary
  • Total # of Known Element Occurrences: 158
  • Element Occurrence Ranks:
    A B C D X U
    6 57 58 13 0 24
  • Population Status:
    >20 yrs
    <=20 yrs
    12 146
  • Presence:
    Present Extant Possibly Extirpated Presumed Extirpated
    158 0 0
Notes Glossary
  • Previously CRPR 1B.3; more common than originally known. Potentially threatened by logging and associated road usage. Possibly threatened by vehicles, recreational activities, foot traffic, grazing, trampling, alteration of fire regimes, hydrological alterations, and non-native plants. See Brittonia 31:416-421 (1979) for original description.
  • To submit rare plant observation data, use the CNDDB field survey form. Please see also the CNPS Rare Plant Data page.
  • Date Added: 1980-01-01
  • Last Update: 2017-10-02
Location Glossary
  • Elevation: 505 - 1975 meters
  • California Endemic: yes
  • Other States:
  • California Counties and Islands:   name (code)
    Del Norte (DNT),  Shasta (SHA),  Siskiyou (SIS),  Trinity (TRI)
  • Quads:   name (DWR code) USGS code
    Lewiston (649A) 4012267,  Weaverville (649B) 4012268,  Burney (662B) 4012186,  Burney Mtn. West (662C) 4012176,  Chalk Mtn. (663A) 4012187,  Roaring Creek (663B) 4012188,  Hatchet Mtn. Pass (663D) 4012177,  Goose Gap (664A) 4012281,  Damnation Peak (666A) 4012285,  Trinity Center (666B) 4012286,  Papoose Creek (666C) 4012276,  Schell Mtn. (666D) 4012275,  Covington Mill (667A) 4012287,  Siligo Peak (667B) 4012288,  Rush Creek Lakes (667C) 4012278,  Trinity Dam (667D) 4012277,  Mt. Hilton (668A) 4012381,  Pondosa (679B) 4112126,  Dead Horse Summit (680A) 4112127,  Big Bend (680C) 4112118,  Skunk Ridge (680D) 4112117,  Shoeinhorse Mtn. (681D) 4112211,  Tangle Blue Lake (683B) 4112226,  Carrville (683C) 4112216,  Whisky Bill Peak (683D) 4112215,  Caribou Lake (684C) 4112218,  Ycatapom Peak (684D) 4112217,  Youngs Peak (686A) 4112323,  English Peak (702B) 4112342,  Sawyers Bar (702C) 4112332,  Tanners Peak (702D) 4112331,  Somes Bar (703B) 4112344,  Greenview (718C) 4112258,  Grider Valley (719B) 4112362,  Marble Mountain (719C) 4112352,  Boulder Peak (719D) 4112351,  Ukonom Lake (720D) 4112353,  Chimney Rock (721C) 4112356,  Devils Punchbowl (738C) 4112376
  • Notes:
      Definitions of codes preceding a county and/or quad:
      * Presumed extirpated
      ? Uncertain about distribution or identity
      ?* Uncertain about distribution, but presumed extirpated if once present
      (?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
      Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable. This data should NOT be substituted for pre-project review or for on-site surveys.
Includes unprocessed quads for CRPR 3 and 4 plants; unprocessed location data has not been quality controlled and may contain errors.
Presumed Extant Presumed Extirpated or Unknown 1479
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Suggested Citation
California Native Plant Society, Rare Plant Program. . Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants of California (online edition, v8-03). Website [accessed ].

4012267=Lewiston (649A) 4012267;4012268=Weaverville (649B) 4012268;4012186=Burney (662B) 4012186;4012176=Burney Mtn. West (662C) 4012176;4012187=Chalk Mtn. (663A) 4012187;4012188=Roaring Creek (663B) 4012188;4012177=Hatchet Mtn. Pass (663D) 4012177;4012281=Goose Gap (664A) 4012281;4012285=Damnation Peak (666A) 4012285;4012286=Trinity Center (666B) 4012286;4012276=Papoose Creek (666C) 4012276;4012275=Schell Mtn. (666D) 4012275;4012287=Covington Mill (667A) 4012287;4012288=Siligo Peak (667B) 4012288;4012278=Rush Creek Lakes (667C) 4012278;4012277=Trinity Dam (667D) 4012277;4012381=Mt. Hilton (668A) 4012381;4112126=Pondosa (679B) 4112126;4112127=Dead Horse Summit (680A) 4112127;4112118=Big Bend (680C) 4112118;4112117=Skunk Ridge (680D) 4112117;4112211=Shoeinhorse Mtn. (681D) 4112211;4112226=Tangle Blue Lake (683B) 4112226;4112216=Carrville (683C) 4112216;4112215=Whisky Bill Peak (683D) 4112215;4112218=Caribou Lake (684C) 4112218;4112217=Ycatapom Peak (684D) 4112217;4112323=Youngs Peak (686A) 4112323;4112342=English Peak (702B) 4112342;4112332=Sawyers Bar (702C) 4112332;4112331=Tanners Peak (702D) 4112331;4112344=Somes Bar (703B) 4112344;4112258=Greenview (718C) 4112258;4112362=Grider Valley (719B) 4112362;4112352=Marble Mountain (719C) 4112352;4112351=Boulder Peak (719D) 4112351;4112353=Ukonom Lake (720D) 4112353;4112356=Chimney Rock (721C) 4112356;4112376=Devils Punchbowl (738C) 4112376