California macrophylla
Common Name: round-leaved filaree
Family: Geraniaceae
Synonyms: Erodium macrophyllum
Element Code: PDGER01070
Full Name: California macrophylla (H. & A.) Aldas, Navarro, Vargas, Saez & Aedo

2005 Timothy Milliken 2005
Biology Glossary
Rarity Status Glossary
Occurrence Data from DFG
California Natural Diversity Database Glossary
  • Total # of Known Element Occurrences: 162
  • Element Occurrence Ranks:
    A B C D X U
    16 26 6 2 9 103
  • Population Status:
    >20 yrs
    <=20 yrs
    69 93
  • Presence:
    Present Extant Possibly Extirpated Extirpated
    153 8 1
Notes Glossary
  • Threatened by development, urbanization, and habitat alteration. Possibly threatened by vehicles, grazing, and non-native plants. See The Botany of Captain Beechey’s Voyage p. 327 (1838) for original description, Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid 59(2):109-216 (2002) for revised nomenclature, and Madroño 52(1):53-59 (2005) for ecological information.
  • To submit rare plant observation data, use the CNDDB field survey form. Please see also the CNPS Rare Plant Data page.
  • Date Added: 2001-01-01
  • Last Update: 2015-07-06
Location Glossary
  • Elevation: 15 - 1200 meters
  • California Endemic: no
  • States: California, Baja California, Oregon
  • California Counties and Islands:   name (code)
    Alameda (ALA),  Butte (BUT) (*?),  Contra Costa (CCA),  Colusa (COL),  Fresno (FRE),  Glenn (GLE),  Kings (KNG),  Kern (KRN),  Lake (LAK),  Los Angeles (LAX),  Merced (MER),  Monterey (MNT),  Napa (NAP),  Riverside (RIV),  Santa Barbara (SBA),  San Benito (SBT),  Santa Clara (SCL),  Santa Catalina Island (SCT),  Santa Cruz Island (SCZ) *,  San Diego (SDG),  San Joaquin (SJQ),  San Luis Obispo (SLO),  San Mateo (SMT),  Solano (SOL),  Sonoma (SON),  Stanislaus (STA),  Tehama (TEH),  Tulare (TUL),  Ventura (VEN),  Yolo (YOL)
  • Quads:   name (DWR code) USGS code
    Dulzura (010A) 32116F7,  Otay Mesa (010C) 32116E8,  National City (011A) 32117F1,  El Cajon Mtn. (021A) 32116H7,  San Pasqual (034C) 33116A8,  Sage (067C) 33116E8,  Romoland (068B) 33117F2,  Murrieta (068C) 33117E2,  Bachelor Mtn. (068D) 33117E1,  Lake Elsinore (069A) 33117F3,  Alberhill (069B) 33117F4,  Sunnymead (085B) 33117H2,  Perris (085C) 33117G2,  Lake Mathews (086C) 33117G4,  Vidal (096D) 34114A5,  Glendora (109A) 34117B7,  San Dimas (109D) 34117A7,  Los Angeles (110C) 34118A2,  Burbank (111A) 34118B3,  Calabasas (112B) 34118B6,  Malibu Beach (112C) 34118A6,  Piru (139A) 34118D7,  Simi (139D) 34118C7,  Lake Hughes (162B) 34118F4,  Whitaker Peak (163C) 34118E6,  Warm Springs Mountain (163D) 34118E5,  Rancho Nuevo Creek (166B) 34119F4,  Figueroa Mtn. (168B) 34119F8,  Los Olivos (169A) 34120F1,  La Liebre Ranch (188C) 34118G6,  Lebec (189D) 34118G7,  Pleito Hills (190A) 34119H1,  Eagle Rest Peak (190B) 34119H2,  Hurricane Deck (193D) 34119G7,  Tehachapi North (212B) 35118B4,  Tehachapi South (212C) 35118A4,  Wells Ranch (217C) 35119A6,  Chimineas Ranch (218B) 35119B8,  Taylor Canyon (218C) 35119A8,  Caliente Mtn. (218D) 35119A7,  Rio Bravo Ranch (239A) 35118D7,  Carneros Rocks (243A) 35119D7,  Simmler (243C) 35119C8,  La Panza NE (244A) 35120D1,  La Panza Ranch (244B) 35120D2,  California Valley (244D) 35120C1,  Camatta Ranch (245A) 35120D3,  Atascadero (246B) 35120D6,  Lake Isabella South (260C) 35118E4,  Knob Hill (262C) 35118E8,  Pine Mountain (262D) 35118E7,  Orchard Peak (267B) 35120F2,  Packwood Creek (267D) 35120E1,  Cholame (268A) 35120F3,  Estrella (269A) 35120F5,  White River (286D) 35118G7,  Garza Peak (291B) 35120H2,  Pyramid Hills (291D) 35120G1,  Tierra Redonda Mountain (294C) 35120G8,  Priest Valley (316B) 36120B6,  Slack Canyon (316C) 36120A6,  Smith Mountain (316D) 36120A5,  Monarch Peak (317A) 36120B7,  Ciervo Mtn. (339A) 36120D5,  Idria (339B) 36120D6,  San Benito Mtn. (339C) 36120C6,  Santa Rita Peak (339D) 36120C5,  Rock Spring Peak (340B) 36120D8,  Hepsedam Peak (340D) 36120C7,  Rana Creek (343A) 36121D5,  Chews Ridge (343D) 36121C5,  Tumey Hills (361C) 36120E6,  Llanada (362C) 36120E8,  Panoche (362D) 36120E7,  Panoche Pass (363A) 36121F1,  San Benito (363D) 36121E1,  Ortigalita Peak NW (383B) 36120H8,  Laguna Seca Ranch (383D) 36120G7,  Hollister (385C) 36121G4,  San Juan Bautista (386D) 36121G5,  Howard Ranch (404A) 37121B1,  Merced (421C) 37120C4,  Patterson (424B) 37121D2,  San Jose East (427D) 37121C7,  San Gregorio (429C) 37122C4,  Westley (443C) 37121E2,  Tracy (444B) 37121F4,  Lone Tree Creek (444C) 37121E4,  Solyo (444D) 37121E3,  Midway (445A) 37121F5,  Altamont (445B) 37121F6,  Stockton West (462A) 37121H3,  Brentwood (463B) 37121H6,  Byron Hot Springs (463C) 37121G6,  Clifton Court Forebay (463D) 37121G5,  Antioch South (464A) 37121H7,  Clayton (464B)* 37121H8,  Oakland East (465C)* 37122G2,  Las Trampas Ridge (465D) 37122G1,  Oakland West (466D)* 37122G3,  Honker Bay (481C) 38121A8,  Antioch North (481D) 38121A7,  Petaluma (484B) 38122B6,  Elmira (498C) 38121C8,  null (514C) 38121E8,  Glascock Mtn. (532A) 38122H3,  Wilson Valley (532B) 38122H4,  Jericho Valley (532C) 38122G4,  Arbuckle (546D) 39122A1,  Leesville (547B) 39122B4,  Wilbur Springs (547C) 39122A4,  Salt Canyon (547D) 39122A3,  Lodoga (563C) 39122C4,  Nelson (577D)(*?) 39121E7,  Willows (578C) 39122E2,  Richardson Springs NW (593B) 39121H8,  Santa Catalina East (SCTE) 33118C3,  Santa Catalina North (SCTN) 33118D4,  Santa Catalina South (SCTS) 33118C4,  Santa Catalina West (SCTW) 33118D5,  Santa Cruz Island A (SCZA) 33119H7,  Santa Cruz Island B (SCZB) 33119H6,  Santa Cruz Island C (SCZC) 33119H5,  Santa Cruz Island D (SCZD) 33119H4
  • Notes:
      Definitions of codes preceding a county and/or quad:
      * Presumed extirpated
      ? Uncertain about distribution or identity
      ?* Uncertain about distribution, but presumed extirpated if once present
      (?) Occurrence confirmed, but possibly extirpated
      Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable.
Presumed Extant Presumed Extirpated or Unknown 1340
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Suggested Citation
CNPS, Rare Plant Program. . Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants (online edition, v8-02). California Native Plant Society, Sacramento, CA. Website [accessed ].

32116F7=Dulzura (010A) 32116F7;32116E8=Otay Mesa (010C) 32116E8;32117F1=National City (011A) 32117F1;32116H7=El Cajon Mtn. (021A) 32116H7;33116A8=San Pasqual (034C) 33116A8;33116E8=Sage (067C) 33116E8;33117F2=Romoland (068B) 33117F2;33117E2=Murrieta (068C) 33117E2;33117E1=Bachelor Mtn. (068D) 33117E1;33117F3=Lake Elsinore (069A) 33117F3;33117F4=Alberhill (069B) 33117F4;33117H2=Sunnymead (085B) 33117H2;33117G2=Perris (085C) 33117G2;33117G4=Lake Mathews (086C) 33117G4;34114A5=Vidal (096D) 34114A5;34117B7=Glendora (109A) 34117B7;34117A7=San Dimas (109D) 34117A7;34118A2=Los Angeles (110C) 34118A2;34118B3=Burbank (111A) 34118B3;34118B6=Calabasas (112B) 34118B6;34118A6=Malibu Beach (112C) 34118A6;34118D7=Piru (139A) 34118D7;34118C7=Simi (139D) 34118C7;34118F4=Lake Hughes (162B) 34118F4;34118E6=Whitaker Peak (163C) 34118E6;34118E5=Warm Springs Mountain (163D) 34118E5;34119F4=Rancho Nuevo Creek (166B) 34119F4;34119F8=Figueroa Mtn. (168B) 34119F8;34120F1=Los Olivos (169A) 34120F1;34118G6=La Liebre Ranch (188C) 34118G6;34118G7=Lebec (189D) 34118G7;34119H1=Pleito Hills (190A) 34119H1;34119H2=Eagle Rest Peak (190B) 34119H2;34119G7=Hurricane Deck (193D) 34119G7;35118B4=Tehachapi North (212B) 35118B4;35118A4=Tehachapi South (212C) 35118A4;35119A6=Wells Ranch (217C) 35119A6;35119B8=Chimineas Ranch (218B) 35119B8;35119A8=Taylor Canyon (218C) 35119A8;35119A7=Caliente Mtn. (218D) 35119A7;35118D7=Rio Bravo Ranch (239A) 35118D7;35119D7=Carneros Rocks (243A) 35119D7;35119C8=Simmler (243C) 35119C8;35120D1=La Panza NE (244A) 35120D1;35120D2=La Panza Ranch (244B) 35120D2;35120C1=California Valley (244D) 35120C1;35120D3=Camatta Ranch (245A) 35120D3;35120D6=Atascadero (246B) 35120D6;35118E4=Lake Isabella South (260C) 35118E4;35118E8=Knob Hill (262C) 35118E8;35118E7=Pine Mountain (262D) 35118E7;35120F2=Orchard Peak (267B) 35120F2;35120E1=Packwood Creek (267D) 35120E1;35120F3=Cholame (268A) 35120F3;35120F5=Estrella (269A) 35120F5;35118G7=White River (286D) 35118G7;35120H2=Garza Peak (291B) 35120H2;35120G1=Pyramid Hills (291D) 35120G1;35120G8=Tierra Redonda Mountain (294C) 35120G8;36120B6=Priest Valley (316B) 36120B6;36120A6=Slack Canyon (316C) 36120A6;36120A5=Smith Mountain (316D) 36120A5;36120B7=Monarch Peak (317A) 36120B7;36120D5=Ciervo Mtn. (339A) 36120D5;36120D6=Idria (339B) 36120D6;36120C6=San Benito Mtn. (339C) 36120C6;36120C5=Santa Rita Peak (339D) 36120C5;36120D8=Rock Spring Peak (340B) 36120D8;36120C7=Hepsedam Peak (340D) 36120C7;36121D5=Rana Creek (343A) 36121D5;36121C5=Chews Ridge (343D) 36121C5;36120E6=Tumey Hills (361C) 36120E6;36120E8=Llanada (362C) 36120E8;36120E7=Panoche (362D) 36120E7;36121F1=Panoche Pass (363A) 36121F1;36121E1=San Benito (363D) 36121E1;36120H8=Ortigalita Peak NW (383B) 36120H8;36120G7=Laguna Seca Ranch (383D) 36120G7;36121G4=Hollister (385C) 36121G4;36121G5=San Juan Bautista (386D) 36121G5;37121B1=Howard Ranch (404A) 37121B1;37120C4=Merced (421C) 37120C4;37121D2=Patterson (424B) 37121D2;37121C7=San Jose East (427D) 37121C7;37122C4=San Gregorio (429C) 37122C4;37121E2=Westley (443C) 37121E2;37121F4=Tracy (444B) 37121F4;37121E4=Lone Tree Creek (444C) 37121E4;37121E3=Solyo (444D) 37121E3;37121F5=Midway (445A) 37121F5;37121F6=Altamont (445B) 37121F6;37121H3=Stockton West (462A) 37121H3;37121H6=Brentwood (463B) 37121H6;37121G6=Byron Hot Springs (463C) 37121G6;37121G5=Clifton Court Forebay (463D) 37121G5;37121H7=Antioch South (464A) 37121H7;37121H8=Clayton (464B)* 37121H8;37122G2=Oakland East (465C)* 37122G2;37122G1=Las Trampas Ridge (465D) 37122G1;37122G3=Oakland West (466D)* 37122G3;38121A8=Honker Bay (481C) 38121A8;38121A7=Antioch North (481D) 38121A7;38122B6=Petaluma (484B) 38122B6;38121C8=Elmira (498C) 38121C8;38121E8=null (514C) 38121E8;38122H3=Glascock Mtn. (532A) 38122H3;38122H4=Wilson Valley (532B) 38122H4;38122G4=Jericho Valley (532C) 38122G4;39122A1=Arbuckle (546D) 39122A1;39122B4=Leesville (547B) 39122B4;39122A4=Wilbur Springs (547C) 39122A4;39122A3=Salt Canyon (547D) 39122A3;39122C4=Lodoga (563C) 39122C4;39121E7=Nelson (577D)(*?) 39121E7;39122E2=Willows (578C) 39122E2;39121H8=Richardson Springs NW (593B) 39121H8;33118C3=Santa Catalina East (SCTE) 33118C3;33118D4=Santa Catalina North (SCTN) 33118D4;33118C4=Santa Catalina South (SCTS) 33118C4;33118D5=Santa Catalina West (SCTW) 33118D5;33119H7=Santa Cruz Island A (SCZA) 33119H7;33119H6=Santa Cruz Island B (SCZB) 33119H6;33119H5=Santa Cruz Island C (SCZC) 33119H5;33119H4=Santa Cruz Island D (SCZD) 33119H4